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Hunt ADR becomes the first CMC Registered Training Course Provider to offer bespoke cyber security training programmes for mediators.

Having recognised the need for cyber security measures for its own mediations, Hunt ADR has partnered with DisputesEfiling to become the first Civil Mediation Council Registered Training Course Provider to offer stand-alone GDPR and cyber security sessions for the mediation sector.

The first session, delivered as part of its 5-day accredited mediator skills training programme in Manchester in June, will cover a range of topics vital to the performance of the modern mediator.  This session will be recorded and will be made accessible to mediators later in June as a webinar.

Gregory Hunt, Managing Director of Hunt ADR, said “I realised how important cyber security was when I launched Hunt ADR just over 3 years ago and my professional indemnity insurer used it as a major peice of their sales rationale as something which distinguished them from other insurers.  Now, three years later, cyber security has become more and more of an issue in mediation, both domestically and internationally, and yet many mediators don’t understand its impact or the pitfalls of being breached. The training we have arranged with DisputesEfiling is incredibly comprehensive, and to be able to deliver it as part of the 5-day module adds significant value to participants which we believe is not available elsewhere.”

Tony Guise, Director at DisputesEfiling adds “Hacking mediations is not a question of “if” but a matter of “when”.  There have been a number of cases in which ADR processes and hearings have been targeted with malware and listening devices.  An awareness of the measures needed to comply with GDPR and keep both mediators and mediations safe from hacking is vital.  The DisputesEfiling sessions for Hunt ADR focus on the practical steps mediators need to take to avoid regulatory sanction, often by more than one Regulator.   Cyber-security within mediations remains less understood and the mediator who can provide a solution to these risks is likely to win more work from parties increasingly concerned about the confidentiality of the process being hacked”.

Hunt ADR plans to follow the June training and webinar with further events throughout the coming months including at its 5-day course in November in Malaga.

About Hunt ADR

Hunt ADR provides arbitration and mediation services for scheme and ad-hoc disputes internationally. It is the exclusive provider of arbitration and conciliation services for holidaymakers and members of ABTA. It is a Civil Mediation Council Registered Training Course Provider and offers full accredited mediator skills training and CPD including the Mediator Experience Day and Law for Non-Lawyer Mediators.  It provides CPD programmes for arbitration including ArbEx, alongside the Confidential Award Proofing Service (CAPS) – both aimed at improving the awards made by arbitrators in the UK and elsewhere.  Hunt ADR is a member of The Association of Mediation Assessors, Trainers and Instructors, and of The Federation of Small Businesses.  It is the founding member of fooDResolution, a national network of dispute resolution professionals committed to supporting foodbanks across the UK.  For further information contact

About DisputesEfiling

DisputesEfiling  provides GDPR compliant Cloud-based Platform offering services tailored for the entire ADR process from pre-action work to resolution of costs via mediation and arbitration enabling Med-Arb and Arb-Med-Arb if required.  Case management and administration tools enable the mediator to work cost-effectively enabling higher volumes of mediations to be managed at less cost and risk.  For more information and to contact us please visit