We believe this to be the first attempt to provide an empirical analysis of the Civil Justice response to the Lockdown.

Using a range of sources from Government updates to Official Statistics and HMCTS’ Management Information a picture is drawn of the crisis which threatens to overwhelm the civil courts, Family courts and the Tribunals.  In numbers:

  • In 2019 there were 315,236 defended cases in the Small Claims Track and Fast Track. This figures includes residential possession claims. Those cases are either adjourned or suspended.
  • As the economic after-shock of the Lockdown hits jobs and businesses it will bring about a Tsunami of cases entering the Family courts, civil courts and the Employment Tribunals.
  • As at 11 June (the last date the HMCTS’ Management Information was updated) there were 23,732 cases adjourned because of COVID-19
  • Salford CCMCC is taking almost 3 months to produce an order
  • 10 week delay before answering correspondence in Manchester’s Civil Justice Centre
  • 6,000 items of correspondence remain unanswered in the Birmingham Civil Justice Centre

The DEF White Paper proposes solutions based around a massive increase in ADR managed online.