Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) delivers Cloud platforms for arbitrations, mediations, neutral evaluations providing justice faster and at lower cost than the civil courts.

What would you do if you were an administered arbitration scheme in search of an out-of-the-box internet solution to ensure your Neutrals and your Scheme are secure and compliant with data protection legislation?  The options are self-build or endorse/list preferred providers.  The self-build route has been undertaken recently by the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm […]

The GDPR checklist for ADR Neutrals Arbitrators, Mediators, Evaluators, Adjudicators and the General Data Protection Regulation This article does not provide legal advice but a checklist of issues under the GDPR that every arbitrator, mediator, evaluator or adjudicator needs to ask him or herself every time an instruction is accepted.  Our briefing provides a summary […]

More mediation, no bundles for SCCO but more money for Modernisation: something for everyone Once again this took place at the MoJ, 102 Petty France with, I reckon, 200+ delegates. Sidonie Kingsmill, HMCTS Customer Director, started proceedings with a summary of the three key objectives underpinning their Modernisation Programme and gave an explanation of current […]

The concerns expressed about Climate Change and the part carbon emission play is of importance to everyone and everyone can play a part in reducing emissions.  This includes the ADR community. Arbitration leads to carbon emissions from flights taken by arbitrators and the parties with their teams of representatives to attend hearings.  Video conferencing using […]

In 2018 the Law Gazette (house publication of the Law Society of England and Wales) organised a Round Table to discuss information technology in dispute resolution, chaired by Eduardo Reyes (Features Editor of the Law Gazette) and reported by Joanna Goodman the discussion considered the current state of LegalTech in dispute resolution.  The article about […]