Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) delivers Cloud platforms for arbitrations, mediations, neutral evaluations providing justice faster and at lower cost than the civil courts.

Proposed Mediation (Scotland) Bill The response of Limited to Margaret Mitchell MSP’s consultation about a proposed Mediation (Scotland) Bill. In this Response the replies of Limited (DEF) are shown in plain font whilst the questions raised in the consultation appear in italics.  The questions have been copied and pasted from the consultation paper.  […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution Disputes about hedges engender deep feelings as do all kinds of boundary disputes. The location of bins as between adjoining properties may seem the kind of issue that should not divide neighbours.  But these are deeply divisive issues giving vent to neighbours’ defiant defence of their castles. Huge costs are run up, […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution Hunt ADR becomes the first CMC Registered Training Course Provider to offer bespoke cyber security training programmes for mediators. Having recognised the need for cyber security measures for its own mediations, Hunt ADR has partnered with DisputesEfiling to become the first Civil Mediation Council Registered Training Course Provider to offer stand-alone GDPR […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution The ADR community is beginning to appreciate the dangers posed by cyber-attacks and the need to conduct their business online.  Unauthorised access to the data in an arbitration or a mediation is the greatest threat to its primary duty to provide confidentiality. These are the issues which alarm the ADR community and […]