Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) delivers Cloud platforms for arbitrations, mediations, neutral evaluations providing justice faster and at lower cost than the civil courts.

No place for hunger Calling all mediators, arbitrators, conciliators, adjudicators, ombudsmen, evaluators, solicitors, barristers, paralegals, professional institutions, ADR providers and anyone else involved in the dispute resolution business in the UK I’d like to draw your attention to the recently formed fooDResolution, the national dispute resolution network committed to helping stock local foodbanks. The idea […]

22 January 2019 Posted by Neil Rose A Court of Appeal judge has rejected the argument – pressed by a former Lord Chief Justice – that the growth of arbitration to resolve commercial disputes has retarded the development of the common law. Lord Justice Gross also complained that civil justice was too often seen […]

Writing in Clerksroom Mediation’s inaugural “Mediation Bulletin”, David Carey draws attention to NHS Resolution’s Annual Report for 2016/17 which shows that only 121 claims for clinical negligence were resolved by way of trial and that 17,217 claims were resolved other than by trial.  Dr Carey’s article explores the extent to which the NHS Resolution Mediation […]