This question should matter to members of CIArb because it seems increasingly likely that in the coming months mediation will become mandatory in one way or another in two jurisdictions of the United Kingdom.  These are opportunities for CIArb to contribute to the development of the practice of mediation and increase the opportunities for its […]

In September 2018 the UK Information Commissioner imposed a fine of £500,000 on Equifax UK for a massive breach of data security in which Equifax UK had played no part.  Why was that?  The breach had in fact been allowed to happen by Equifax Inc, the USA parent of Equifax UK when millions of their […]

Disputes about hedges engender deep feelings as do all kinds of boundary disputes. The location of bins as between adjoining properties may seem the kind of issue that should not divide neighbours.  But these are deeply divisive issues giving vent to neighbours’ defiant defence of their castles. Huge costs are run up, often ruinously, on […]

In what remains of this Parliament two bills bear scrutiny and neither of them have anything to do with Brexit.  That in itself makes them worth considering.  One seeks to update a nineteenth century law protecting hares during the course of the breeding season.  The other, quite possibly with greater relevance to members of the […]

In the era of data abuse we are becoming too familiar with news about social media giants “scraping” or gathering up data about friends, family, email addresses and lifestyles from our social media accounts for onward sale and massive commercial profit.  Yet data can be used for immense good.  How can a balance be struck […]

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR)? ADR is an umbrella term which describes any method of resolving disputes between businesses or individuals that does not take place in the civil Courts.   It is run by an independent person or persons (a neutral) or an organisation for which the neutral works and can have a wide range […]

Hunt ADR becomes the first CMC Registered Training Course Provider to offer bespoke cyber security training programmes for mediators. Having recognised the need for cyber security measures for its own mediations, Hunt ADR has partnered with DisputesEfiling to become the first Civil Mediation Council Registered Training Course Provider to offer stand-alone GDPR and cyber security […]

Written by Andrew Ritchie, QC and Tony Guise – 8th May 2019: In the next 12 months civil litigation will undergo existential change with the introduction of radical new exemptions and rules. The changes include the increased Small Claims limit in personal injury RTA claims, the introduction of fixed recoverable costs (FRC) and near compulsory […]

What have we learned? On Friday 25 May 2018 the Data Protection Act came into force and implemented the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in UK domestic law.  Described by one data specialist as “beautifully drafted” GDPR may not be everyone’s vision of beauty.  Nevertheless it is not going away.  How have we all […]

The ADR community is beginning to appreciate the dangers posed by cyber-attacks and the need to conduct their business online.  Unauthorised access to the data in an arbitration or a mediation is the greatest threat to its primary duty to provide confidentiality. These are the issues which alarm the ADR community and the proposed solutions: […]

If mediation shortens trials, reduces cost and produces an outcome (roughly) acceptable to the warring parties – how is that not justice?  The Adjudication Romantics such as Hazel Genn and Mike Whitehouse say that not only is that NOT justice but it is a DENIAL of justice.  That is a serious charge.  They say that […]

We hear the Civil Justice Council (CJC) is about to implement Recommendation 1 of the ADR Review Working Group: A  liaison  committee  should  meet  on  a  regular  basis  at  which  ADR professionals and Judges can Monitor and give advice on the role of ADR in the rapidly changing Civil Justice landscape. It is not clear […]

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